Alfa Autorun Killer

Alfa Autorun Killer

Alfa Autorun Killer will help you to protect your system from viruses
Alfa Autorun Killer v3.0
13 Nov 2010
Editorial review
Alfa Autorun Killer v1.3
2 Apr 2008
Alfa Autorun Killer v1.1
30 Aug 2008

What's new

v3.0 [13 Nov 2010]
What's New in version 3.0.5 :
1- Fix the hang bug when the driver is empty for windows XP.
2- Fix loading bug when switch users under windows 7.
3- Unlock file" new option see the right click context menu of the program tray icon.
4-New tray massage model (dll ver. 1.0.1), with more stability.
5- Add new sound alert for tray warning massages
6- Add new option to control the tray icon massages sounds.
7- Improve the registry search engine
8- New update model (faster)
9- New inno setup style, with running program detector.
10- Remove the setup password for easy install
11- Add icon for the program in add/remove program CPL on the control panel for easy recognize.
12- Prevent more than one copy of the program to run at the same time
13- Add 'MUTEX' for the program , for easy install / uninstall , and more memory stability.
14- Add more details about the each drive (or disk partition) on the report (Serial Number - Volume Name - Size - Space-.....etc)
15- Less install size .

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